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JSC “Ural Steel” is a full-cycle metallurgical enterprise. The main products of the plant are sheet metal, bloom and round billets, pig iron. The plant includes a blast furnace shop, which has 4 blast furnaces. Steel is smelted in two electric arc steel-making furnaces of 120 tons capasity, which is then poured into bloom and slab continuous casting machines. The surplus of liquid iron in JSC “Ural Steel”, as well as the unstable economic situation on the market - sharp fluctuations in prices for scrap metal, pig iron, graphite electrodes pushed for the introduction of steelmaking technology in EAF with the possibility of varying the flow rate of liquid in a wide range from 0 to 90 %. In 2018, a con- tract with TENOVA (Italy) for the supply of equipment for steelmaking in EAF with zero electricity consumption was signed. In 2019, the equipment was modernized in the electric arc furnace shop of “Ural Steel”. Instead of arc furnaces operating according to the classical technology, the ESPC received two flexible modular furnaces (GMF), capable of operating in both EAF and oxygen converter modes. Now it is possible to use up to 90-95% of liquid iron and melting without using electricity. Electric melting came to be known as GMF melting.

Key words: full-cycle metallurgical enterprise, bloom and round billets, slab continuous casting machines, flexible modular furnaces.

Iskakov Ildar F. – Managing Director of JSC “Ural Steel”, Novotroitsk, Russia.

Valiakhmetov Alfed Kh. – Chief Steelmaker of JSC “Ural Steel”, Novotroitsk, Russia.

Kuznetsov Maksim S. – Head of the Department of Technical Support of Steelmaking Production of JSC “Ural Steel”, Novotroitsk, Russia.

Proskurovsky Dmitry A. – Head of EAFS of JSC “Ural Steel”, Novotroitsk, Russia.

Shepelev Denis S. – Chief Specialist for Electric Steel-Making Production at JSC “Ural Steel”, Novotroitsk, Russia.