2018 impact factor: 0,362


Two-year RSCI impact factor

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Degree, rank: DSc (Eng.)

Brief information:

1971 – PhD thesis defense

1995 – doctoral thesis defense

1965-till now – Metal Forming Department, all positions of the career ladder from assistant lecturer to head of the department

till 2014 – Dean of the Faculty of Technologies and Quality

2011-till now – Executive Director of Termodeform-MGTU small innovative enterprise at FSBEI HE NMSTU

2014-till now – Director of R&D Institute of Metallurgical Technologies and Material Forming at NMSTU

Key research interests:

Viktor M. Salganik is a respected specialist in the field of the theory, methods and technology of a sheet rolling process. His key research interests include studies on loads and deformation of roll systems, asymmetric rolling, technological processes of controlled wide strip and heavy plate rolling of microalloyed steels for different industrial sectors. His studies are aimed at radical improvement of the quality of hot rolled and cold rolled sheets with regard to geometry of a cross section and flatness, achievement of a unique combination of consumer properties. As a result of research performed, over 50 new types of rolled products were put into production at PJSC MMK on mills 2000, 2500, 5000, bringing economic benefit of over RUB 200 m per year.