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Artemiy A. Popov works at Ural Federal University since 1970.

1970-1976 – assistant lecturer, Department of Heat Treatment and Physics of Metals

1976-1989 – associate professor

1989-1991 – professor

1991-till now – Head of the Department

2009-2010 – Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation of the technical university

2010-2012 – Vice-Rector for Research of the federal university

1974 – defense of the PhD thesis

1989 – defense of the doctoral thesis

Artemiy A. Popov is a talented teacher and organizer of a learning process. He prepared author’s special courses and gave lectures on physical materials science and theory of transformations in metals and alloys, which were highly evaluated by specialists. He was among the first at the university and Russia to initiate two-level training program majoring in materials science and technology of new materials, whose graduates are in high demand at plants and design, research organizations of the Ural region.

Artemiy A. Popov established research school studying phase and structural transformations in alloys with high specific strength; he is well-known in Russia and abroad in the area of materials science and treatment technologies of steels, non-ferrous alloys and their intermetallics; one of organizers of Ural School of Metal Scientists. He continuously supports research contacts with leading universities and academic institutions of Russia, the CIS as part of performing international projects, grants, federal and department special-purpose programs.

Artemiy A. Popov is actively involved in activities related to creation and equipment of modern research centers and laboratories, training highly-qualified personnel, sharing scientific knowledge. He was directly a manager of establishing research and educational centers at Ural Federal University in the fields of nanomaterials, new metal-containing materials and technologies in metallurgy, the education and research center of aerospace materials science and others, which carry out research and train specialists in materials science at a global level.

Artemiy A. Popov is a chairman of the doctoral thesis defense committee, put forward an idea and since 1999 became a permanent chairman of the steering committee of the international Ural workshop for young scientists in metal science, a member of the editorial board of Titan journal, chairman of the research and technical committee of the university, deputy chairman of the Academic Council of the university, of the Joint Board for Physical and Technical Sciences of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Board of State Programs “New Materials” and “Metal - Hydrogen”, a head research Board of the Russian Ministry of Education and Research on materials science and metallurgy.

He supervised 3 doctoral and 25 PhD theses, published 3 monographs and reference books, 4 learning aids with a stamp of the Academic Methodological Association, over 230 research papers, received 8 patents. For a cycle of his research in the field of the theory of phase and structural transformations in titanium-based alloys and materials with a nanostructure, Artemiy A. Popov three times received the state research scholarship for leading scientists (1994-1996, 1997-1999, and 2000-2002), was awarded with a medal of the Pilyugin Cosmonautics Association (2002), the Grum-Grzhimailo medal/prize of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of the Russian Federation (2006), the Semenov medal (2008).

For his effective teaching, research, administrative activities Artemiy A. Popov was awarded with certificates of appreciation by the Head of the Yekaterinburg city Administration, the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region, the Presidential Envoy to the Ural Federal District, the badge of honor: Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Education (2000), Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation (2006). Honorary Professor of Ural Federal University (2012).