2018 impact factor: 0,362


Two-year RSCI impact factor

Five-year RSCI impact factor


Professional Experience: 

  • Emeritus Professor – 2013 – present

  • ARC Professorial Fellow,  UNSW, 2007- 2012

  • Head of School, School of Materials Science & Engineering, UNSW 2004 – 2007

  • Professor, UNSW, 2001- 2003

  • Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer, UNSW, 1993-2000

  • Professor, Moscow Steel & Alloys Institute, 1990-1993

  • Head of Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Moscow Steel & Alloys Institute, 1986-1991

  • Research positions, Moscow Steel & Alloys Institute, 1973-1985

  • Visiting professorial positions at the University of Tokyo 1992, La Trobe University, Bendigo 1992 and Norwegian University of Science and Technology 1999.

Research Contributions: 

Major contributions are in the field of pyrometallurgical technologies for minerals processing, iron-, steel-, and ferroalloy-making. Areas of research include thermodynamics, kinetics and mechanisms of metallurgical reactions; properties of molten metals and slags; reduction, smelting and refining processes, environmental issues in pyrometallurgy. In 2005-2009, 32 papers were published in international journals; research funding exceeded $3.5M; 7 PhD projects were completed.

Honours, Awards and Memberships: 

  • 2007 — ARC Professorial Fellowship

  • 2004 — Benjamin F Fairless award (Association for Iron and Steel Technologies, USA) for “Excellence in the application of fundamental research to the improvement of steelmaking processes and for energetic and innovative leadership to steelmaking community”.

  • 1985 — Soviet Union Government award “The Council of Ministers of the USSR Prize” for development of cost-efficient technologies for high alloy steels

  • Editorial Board Member – High Temperature Materials and Processes

  • Editorial Board Member – Electrometallurgy

  • Advisory Board Member  -  ISIJ International 2004-2006

Selected Publications: 

  1. O. Ostrovski, V.A. Grigoryan, and A.F.Vishkarev (1988) Properties of Liquid Metals, Moscow, Metallurgiya, (book, in Russian).

  2. O. Ostrovski (1994) Remelting of Scrap Containing Tungsten and Nickel in the Electric Arc Furnace, Steel Research, 10, 429-432.

  3. O. Ostrovski (1994) Dephosphorization and Desulphurization of Stainless Steel, The 6th AusIMM Extractive Metallurgy Conference, Brisbane, 3-6 July 1994, 311-315.

  4. D.K. Belashchenko and O. Ostrovski (2001)  Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Oxides with Ionic-Covalent Bonds, Thermochimica Acta, 372 (1-2), 143-152.

  5. G. Zhang and O. Ostrovski (2000), Reduction of Titania by Methane-Hydrogen-Argon Gas Mixture, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 31B (1), 129-139.

  6. J. Zhang and O. Ostrovski (2001) Cementite Formation in CH4-H2-Ar Gas Mixture and Cementite Stability, ISIJ International, 41 (4), 333-339.

  7. E. Park, J. Zhang, S. Thomson, O. Ostrovski and R. Howe (2001) Characterisation of Phases Formed in the Iron Carbide Process by X-Ray Diffraction, Mossbauer, X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, and Raman Spectroscopy Analyses, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 32B (5), 839-845.

  8. M.M. Yastreboff, O. Ostrovski and S. Ganguly (2003) Effect of Gas Composition on the Carbothermic Reduction of Manganese Oxide, ISIJ International, 43 (2), 161-165.