2018 impact factor: 0,362


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Education: higher, Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute

Position: Professor

Degree, rank: DSc (Eng.) (05.16.01 – metal science and heat treatment of metals and alloys), professor.

Published papers:

Emelyushin A.N., Mirzaev D.A., Petrochenko E.V. et al. Monograph. Cast tools from chrome iron. Structure and properties (Monograph). FSBEI HPE MSTU, 2016, 186 p.

Nefedyev S.P., Vdovin K.N., Emelyushin A.N. Peculiarities of forming of the wear-resistant cast iron coating structure on steel 45 upon plasma-powder surfacing. Materials Science Forum. Submitted: 2016-06-10. Vol. 870, pp. 141-148. Accepted: 2016-06-14

Yemelyushin A.N., Sychkov A.B., Manin V.P., Sheksheyev M.A. Investigation of the structure and mechanical properties of welded joints in steels of the K56 strength grade in different welding conditions. Welding International, 2014, 28 (1), pp. 70-74.

Emelyushin A.N., Petrochenko E.V., Nefedev S.P. Investigation of the structure and impact-abrasive wear resistance of coatings of the Fe-C-Cr-Mn-Si system, additionally alloyed with nitrogen. Welding International, 2013, 27 (2), pp. 150-153.