2018 impact factor: 0,362


Two-year RSCI impact factor

Five-year RSCI impact factor


Education: higher, Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University

Position: Director of the Institute of Metallurgy, Machine Building and Materials Processing, Head of the Mechanics Department

Degree, rank: DSc (Eng.), Associate Professor

Diploma major: ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting engineer

Alexander S. Savinov is a scientist in metallurgy, a lead specialist in castings from metal alloys and other materials, a recognized expert in a stress and strain state of mold castings.

He is a leader of the research group on “Theoretical and practical aspects of the force interaction between a casting and a mould” to solve significant research problems of manufacturing castings without defects by studying and improving processes of heat and force interaction between the casting and the mould, factors of the stress and strain state entailing casting strain, studying mechanical properties and their influence on occurrence of critical stresses during casting hardening, cooling and heat treatment.

Innovative solutions were awarded with medals, diplomas of international fairs, exhibitions, congresses of innovation and investment, including the 2nd national contest of innovative projects in the sector “Machine building”. He was twice included into a list of 100 Russian young innovation leaders. He organizes international conferences on issues of a steelmaking industry, including Magnitogorsk Rolling Practice. He is directly involved into international championships of technology strategy in metallurgy, such as Metal Cup, Appreciation to workmen, and others.


Published papers

He issued 5 monographs, received 12 intellectual property items (patents of the Russian Federation for inventions and a utility model, state registration certificates for software), published over 110 research papers and teaching aids.

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