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The paper deals with the possibility of using a gas turbine plant in the thermal technology of siderite ore firing. The consumption of electric energy at the operating enterprise is analyzed to determine the required power, which amounted to 10.25 MW. A mathematical model of the combustion process of natural gas in the combustion chamber of the gas turbine followed by the use of exhaust products in the combustion furnace siderite ore. It was found that to provide its own electric energy, two gas turbines with capacity of 5 MW each, must be installed in front of two furnaces. This modernization will lead to an increase in fuel consumption by the enterprise, but will eliminate the purchase of electricity from external networks, which will reduce the cost of the final product.


Thermal technology, siderite ore, firing, electricity consumption, gas turbine, energy saving, fuel consumption.

Murzaderov A.V. – engineer, PJSC «MMK», magister, Magnitogorsk, Russian Federation.

Neshporenko E.G. – PhD (Eng.) Associate Professor, of Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, Magnitogorsk, Russian Federation.