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In a unique technology of granulation of slag-forming mixtures, LLC Shlakservice used material with micro-reinforcing properties - wollastonite to increase the strength characteristics of the granules. A distinctive feature of wollastonite is the needle-shaped form of crystals, characterized by a certain ratio of length to diameter (W>1) - the anisotropy factor. The mineral is actively used as a micro-reinforcing filler in the production of polymer composite materials. To introduce it into the SCO granulation technology, optimal parameters were selected: the duration of mixing and the fineness of grinding charge materials, the moment of supplying the micro-reinforcing material to the suspension, the humidity and density of the suspension, and the mode of spray drying.

The new technology makes it possible to obtain a granulated slag-forming mixture with a micro-reinforcing material in industrial scale, ensuring almost complete absence of dust, uniform distribution of particles and high strength of the granules with respect to vibration and shock loads.


Continuous casting, slag-forming mixture, granule, wollastonite, suspension, structure of granules, strength, micro-reinforcing properties.

Veliky Andrei Borisovich - Ph. (Eng.), Director of Shlakservice Magnitogorsk LLC, Russia.

Ryakhov Alexey Anatolyevich - Engineer LLC Shlakservice. Magnitogorsk, Russia. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Petruchenko Vladimir Nikolayevich - Deputy Director of Shlakservis Magnitogorsk LLC, Russia.

Evseev Danil Petrovich - Chief Engineer, Shlakservice LLC